‘Change as we all know and accept can come gradually,’ says Somerset. ‘I personally have a commitment to accelerate female entrepreneurship globally because economic empowerment of women is the ultimate solution to a more equitable, diverse and inclusive global market. Diversity, inclusion and gender equality all support the case for business imperative and business success. Indeed we must aim higher.’

Juliette-Marie Somerset, CEO and Managing Partner, Somerset Capital.

2021 published UBS Global Banking article: Women’s Wealth 2030

CEO and Managing Partner

Juliette-Marie Somerset

This female-founder and tech leader landed on Wall Street 30-years ago, and since then has been breaking glass ceilings for women of color, and actively working towards financial inclusion in the investments space. Juliette-Marie is a leadership executive and startup advisor dedicated to accelerating philanthropy, innovation, insight, and compassion. She is a consultant operating at a senior level with global game-changing tech founders, innovative startups, and angel investors. Her specialties include FinTech, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, AI, and Social Impact. She currently mentors with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, CV VC, Parallel18, and Norrsken Impact Accelerator.In addition, she is on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors of global tech and investment companies, and is a guest lecturer at ESCP Business School.

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This female-founder has come a long way since starting her career on wall street 30-years ago. Juliette-Marie Somerset has continuously broken glass ceilings and has been trailblazing for other women of color in FinTech.

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